OH… Dear!!! Tee


This t-shirt is available at Error shop clothing


At last, it is available. It was first sold in FAT T-shirt Festival no.5. Actually, this work has been designed for a Uniqlo store’s competition framework, but It failed in that award. Luckily, Error clothing store gave me an opportunity to get published it for real.


4 responses to “OH… Dear!!! Tee

  1. สวยว่ะ เบสตัวนี้ สีสวย ลายสวย ชอบๆ

  2. good job, photographer !!

  3. เสื้อสวยนะครับ
    แสดงความยินดีด้วย 😀

  4. chuchart (tee)

    Finally, It happening to the World!
    Fucking good design, I have seen you very crazy about it for several month. Go for broke mate.

    See you next year, We will meet up together in somewhere in the world……

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