Pixel Motion

This motion graphic is a very old work of mine that I have done it so far and it is also my first animation. This work was showcased at the university’s gallery when I was studying there. However, the reason that I posted it here because I just still love it and it alway impress me every times when I watch it. Therefore, I hope you guys would feel the same way as me too.


2 responses to “Pixel Motion

  1. รุ้สึกประทับใจแบบเดียวกันจิงๆด้วยคับ ห้าๆๆ

  2. จำใด้ว่าเคยดูใน Myspace มั่งไม่แน่ใจขยันสุดๆไปเลย
    เป็นไงมั่ง ไม่เจอกันนานมาก

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