Happy 1st Anniversary to Computer Arts Thailand !



” If we think about birthday, the first idea that may come is a cake. Yes, it is. This is a birthday cake of Computer Arts Thailand ”

After, I didn’t post any work such a long time so it’s time to post some. this is my illustration for celebrate the first year anniversary of a magazine which called ” Computer arts, Thailand ” Actually, Computer arts first issue was published in UK long time ago and many famous designers all around the world have shown their works on this magazine and many year later, it has extremely become a popular magazine for designers. Last year, some of Thai people who love in arts imported this magazine so that Thai artist can read it in Thai language and this month is the anniversary’s month that the first Computer Arts Thailand was published and they chose an illustratation’s issue to publish on their birth month. They invited 5 illustrators in order to create 5 anniversary’s picture and I was chosen too.


Behind the scenes and processes

This work, I used plasticine to be material of this work and I tried to make it seem like a cake though it isn’t similar ^^ because I thought that plasticine has invisible meaning such as a formation, create, etc. and this meaning seem suitable with this magazine as well. However, I just actually want to give a designing cake in order to say “Happy anniversary to them ^^”


4 responses to “Happy 1st Anniversary to Computer Arts Thailand !

  1. งานพี่หล่อ มากค่ะ

    • haha งานของพี่หนูก็กำลังติดตามอยู่นะค่ะ เมื่อไรจะอัพล่ะค่ะเนี้ย รอนานแล้วนะค่ะ

  2. เริ่ดดดดมากกกก ชอบงานcraftของพี่เบส 55+ : )

  3. makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

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